Monday, August 11, 2014

Episode 78: a Shell of a Good Time

Welcome back for another Summer Movie review!  This week Bat and I review TMNT.  Though the punny title (this one is Bat's fault) of this weeks podcast might give it away listen in to find out what we did and didn't enjoy of this new Turtle Powered adventure.  As always we provide you with both a Spoiler free and Spoiler-ific versions.

We also review this weeks streaming review, Mud.  This movie definitely surprised me by being a pretty compelling story in a small setting. Matthew McConaughey gives a damn good performance in this one as does the child lead.  Over all we both gave this 3 out of 5 stars on Netflix and would recommend giving it a watch.

Next weeks Streaming Review comes from the Fanboy, The Mighty. This one also comes highly recommended from Bat as "a movie that will make me cry like a little bitch."  It's the story of two kids who find that they are more similar than they may appear to be.  Just from watching the trailer I can see that I am in for a heart wrenching movie.

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This weeks Nerd News includes: Venom Carnage Movie, Female Spiderman character announced... sort of,  BvS release date changed again, PS Now prices and changes and we discuss what needs to be done with the Thanos to make him the big bad we know he is supposed to be.

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You also have a couple of pieces of Free Shit, Good Shit.  This time from EA's Origin and Humble Bundle.

Here are the answers to last weeks Podquestion of What is your favorite Marvel after credit scene?

Charles,Tristan, Fanboy, Josh the White and Bat all said Iron Man 1 for starting the whole Marvel universe off
I naturally chose Iron Man 2, gotta love that Hammer

The next Podquestion is "What Marvel Movie character should the kill off and why?"
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Before we sign out for this week's Blogcast. Be sure to tune in next week Same Hammer Time , same Bat Channel. 


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