Monday, July 28, 2014

Episode 76: Run Lucy Run

Welcome back dear friends for another wonderful week in geek.  This weekend was San Diego Comic Con and that means we are packed to the brim with exciting comic and movie news!  Okay so we focused a lot more on the movie news but damn it's hard not to get excited about all that is coming up.  But before we delve into all that we have a spoiler free review from half of the BatAndHammer team (me) of Lucy as well as last weeks fan recommendation for the streaming review of  Stuck in Love.

Man, this movie....  I think Bat started out by saying he didn't even want to talk about this movie.  Lets start off by saying neither of us really liked this movie.  The movie seemed contrived and I personally felt that it was too meta in that it is a movie about a family of writers dealing with life so that they can be better writers?  Okay maybe it is not meta but I'm working through my dislike of the movie and you are along for the ride.  The plot and the characters feel flat and it just isn't enjoyable.  We  don't suggest you waste your time on this 2 starred movie.

Next weeks streaming review comes from Hammer's Netflix queue, The Lifeguard.  Starring Kristen Bell as a 29 year old who is unhappy with her life and moves back in with her parents and gets a job as a Lifeguard.  It looks like one of those "finding yourself" movies so I am sure we are going to see a lot of mess ups.

This movie can be found on Netflix so If you want to be a part of the review next week make sure to send us your reviews or your suggestions for our next streaming review via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

This weeks Nerd News includes: Tusk Trailer, Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer, Gal Godot Wonder Woman Costume (seen above), BvS teaser (cam rip here until it gets taken down), Spiderman 3 and Sinister 6 movies swap dates, Marvels Comics changes to Hulk, Lucy Lawless in S.H.I.E.L.D., a rummored Marvel movie slate (below), Arya Stark being looked at for Ellie in LoU,  Uncharted movie release date.

As an edit:  We acknowledged this as rumor and yes it has now been proven false by Marvel confirming Cap 3's accompanying movie is going to be Guardians 2.  That also kicks Kevin Feige's statement about "1 new and 1 old" to the curb, at least for 2016.   But still it's fun to imagine isn't it?

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Here's the trailer to Kevin Smith's new movie Tusk.  Both of us think it really feels like another version of Human Centipede (which I really don't want).  But we will give it a shot, almost entirely because it's from Smith.

To balance out all of that weird we also have the awesome Hot Tub Time Machine 2 trailer which looks goofy and awesome as all get out.   We were both worried about the lack of  John Cusack but after watching the trailer I am excited to watch this ridiculousness on screen all over again.

You also have a whole heaping of Free Shit, Good Shit care of Humble Bundle.  I personally recommend grabbing the  IDW Transformers Bundle (get everything for under $15) and the Skybound Walking Dead Bundle (again get everything, pretty much, for under $15).  They also have the SquareEnix Bundle up though it is only properties from the Enix side of things there are still quite a few good games there.

Here are the answers to last weeks Fan Podquestion from Josh the White.  What show do you put your phone down for?

Josh the White    Game of Throns
Bat                      Once Upon a Time
Hammer              How I Met Your Mother

The next Podquestion is "What is the top Con on your bucket list?"

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Before we sign out for this week's Blogcast we want to wish a Happy Birthday to a friend and listener of the show, Josh the White.  Be sure to tune in next week Same Hammer Time , same Bat Channel. 


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