Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Episode 69 B: Con Harder

Welcome back friends, new and old!  This weeks Podcast is straight from our Live panel on Sunday at this years Phoenix Comic Con.  The audio is a little off because we completely forgot to repeat the comments of the crowd so you dear listeners could hear the whole conversation.  For that we apologize, but damn it was a heck of a fun sit down with a bunch of friends of the show and a few new friends as well.  We wrapped out our PHXCC 2014 experience with our favorite panels, costumes and purchases.  We discussed the delay of Arkham Knight, release date of Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel, Star Wars Casting News and have a fun in depth conversation about social media and spoiling movies.  Thank you to everyone that came into the panel and participated, you made it the fun experience that we never thought it could be.  

No Theatrical or Streaming Review this week due to the All Encompassing nature of PHXCC.  We will indeed be back and damn it we are going to have yet another great time.  Ghost Billy Mays Guarantees it.

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We will have a link here on Wednesday for our combined Photo Album.

We also Discussed Last weeks Podquestion of "what is your crazy E3 prediction" and we got some doozies.

Charles                Half-Life 3 announced and available the week after E3
Fanboy                A new Sega System is announced (HAH!)
Tristan                 Star Trek vs. Star Wars FPS (I wish)
Natalie                 Red Dead 2 announced (we can only hope)
Sarah                  Kingdom Hearts 3 release this year (was quickly disproved, sorry Sara)
                            or FF6 Remaster
Bat                      Mutant League Football remake

Hammer              PSVita and PS4 bundle for $400 (free Vita finally!)

Man as exciting and fun PHXCC2014 was we are both drained which brings us next weeks Podquestion, "What do you do to recover from Conventions?"  We want to hear your answers so let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email us at Batandhammer@gmail.com

Before we wrap up we want to express our gratitude to Phoenix Comic Con for giving us the Panel, All of the awesome people for showing up and a big special thank you to Ken "The Web" Brown for our $25 gift certificate raffle prize.    

That's all for this weeks edition of the Sprecken ze Geek Blogcast and be sure to tune in next week.  Your regularly scheduled Hammer Time on your regularly scheduled Bat Channel. 


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