Thursday, May 22, 2014

Now You See Me - Review

   There are those movies that make it to the top of our watch list, and then when they get there, they sit unwatched, earning for your attention. This was Now You See Me for me. Borrowed from a friend nearly 6 months ago, there it sat on my speaker like the ever present Elf on a Shelf. Finally the day came where we finished our current TV show on Netflix (Friday Night Lights. Expect a full review soon) and decided to dust off (literally) the bluray case and give this movie a shot. Maybe it's because we didn't watch this during the buzz of last summer but we enjoyed it.

Now You See Me follows a foursome of magicians across several heists. What starts as just a "simple" Vegas show illusion, soon turns into a cat and mouse game with the FBI. Along the way Now You See Me takes the audience of some fun and even awe inspiring twists and turns. Morgan Freeman turns in another stellar performance, but the true star of the movie is Jesse Eisenberg. His "leader" role is solid and fun. Sadly the talents of Isla Fisher go mostly wasted as her character feels like a throwaway character.

One aspect usually overlooked in movies is the cinematography. This is a beautiful movie. Not in the typical CGI heavy beautiful aspect, but the real world locations (New Orleans) seem to pop off the screen. Even the "impossible" magic tricks are beautifully done.

The suspense of who and how is intriguing and keeps the movie from deviating off course. If you're looking for a movie to just watch and have fun, I recommend giving Now You See Me a shot.



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