Monday, May 12, 2014

Episode 66: Assault on Geek Street

Welcome dear listener to another week in geek with Bat and Hammer.  We are joined by Mando and TK, good friends of the show and first time guests.  We start off with our streaming review of Assault on Wall Street and then with our powers combined we tackle a plethora of nerd news   This weeks topics include: DC's proposed 9 new movies, Netflix price increase, Drive Club PSplus folly, Gotham trailer, Agent Carter ordered to series, a Comic Spidey Retcon, Marvel Video Games getting a shared universe, Borderlands 2 Vita, Eve Memorial vandalized, Showtime helping with Halo show and Power Rangers getting a new movie. 

**Sorry for the tapping you hear in the audio this week, it was a mix of an unsteady mic and extremely bad mic etiquette on our side.  

Funny enough both Bat and I gave this movie 3/5 on Netflix.   Which is surprising because if It weren't for the recommendations from friends I wouldn't have made it past finding out this being a Uwe Boll movie...  The guy had a rash of horrific video game movies that are just plain bad(see his IMDB page to get the full list).  The movie is far from great but it definitely was a fun watch, and worth giving it a shot even with Boll's past movies in mind.  Decent acting and fun shooting abound in this Boondock Saints-esque Vigilante movie.

For our next streaming review comes from Hammer's suggestion of the Liam Neeson survival movie "The Grey."  

This movie can be found on Netlfix so If you want to be a part of the review next week make sure to send us your reviews via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

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We briefly touched upon it in this weeks podcast but if you are interested in reading up on the 12 announced Original Programs that Xbox has slated make sure to check out this Gizmodo article.  They really seem to be all over the place but I for one can  say I'm excited to see the Halo, Deadlands and Signal to Noise.

We talk pretty extensively about the Gotham trailer in the podcast and if you want to see what all the fuss is about check it out below.

We wrap things up this week by (finally) answering our SzG Podquestion, “What is your guilty pleasure bad comedy movie?”  
TK                              Starship Troopers
Mando                        Congo
Fanboy                      Van Wilder
Wonder Woman         Big Trouble Little China
Bat                             Not Another Teen Movie   
Hammer                     Super Mario Bros Movie

Thanks everyone for participating and as a reward we have another Podquestion of "What do you want the other 4 unannounced DC movies to be?"  We want to hear your answers so let us know via Facebook, Twitter or email us at

That's all for this weeks edition of Sprecken ze Geek and be sure to tune in next week.  Same Bat Time, Same Bat and Hammer Channel. 


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