Monday, March 10, 2014

Episode 57: Square owns my ass

Crickets sound as we try and take on this weeks slow news by discussing the trailers that are on most nerds minds.  I am talking about Transformers 4, Sin City 2 and Arkham Knight...  Also can we take a moment to laugh at the fact that it is spelled Ark + Ham?  Crickets again,  guess I'm the only one.  We also discuss Jack Trenton stepping down, the possibility of a Last of Us movie and what we would want from it as well as get your feedback on the FF casting.  

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 For this week we present you with the question of what's you're favorite RPG of the Last Generation (PS3, Xbox360, Wii, etc.) ?  Let us know what your choice is on our FacebookTwitter or Email.

All signs are pointing to the summer movie machine is ramping up because we have yet another SzG movie trailer round up:

The movie "that we know is most likely going to suck but hope it won't" just had another trailer drop.  We are talking about the Transformers 4 trailer that just hit the web and this one is a damn good one in both of our books.  

Our second trailer is kind of a let down really.  Sin City 2 really just looks like its trying too hard to be Sin City one, which I liked and Bat did not.  Something just feels really off in this trailer, maybe it's me but you decide for your self.

Okay this one isn't a movie but it damn near looks like it could be.  Infact if it was you could count my ass in on it.  I haven't really played any of the previous games but the new Arkham Knight looks damn gorgeous and seems like its setting the mood for something really cool (please be Batman Beyond).

The Free Shit, Good Shit is still here but just not so much of it as we only have the Humble Bundle offerings.

Mobile Bundle: With its standout for me being Catan 

Weekly Pop-cap Bundle: Easily Peggle and Bejewled rule this one    

That's all for this weeks edition of Sprecken ze Geek and be sure to tune in next week.  Same Bat Time, Same Bat and Hammer Channel. 


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