Monday, February 10, 2014

Episode 53: Black-up Bluray

Hammer brings you his spoiler-free review of "The Lego Movie" and the slightly dynamic duo talk 2 weeks worth of nerd news regarding Super Bowl Trailers, Tarantino's Hateful Eight, Boba Fett movie rumors, Evangeline Lilly cast in Antman,Paul Betenly as Vision, Rockin Green Lantern rumors, Eisenberg and Irons cast in BvS, Xbox rumors, Massive Eve battle report.  We also have another loaded edition of "Free Shit, Good Shit" and what we're watching and playing.

Can you tell I was a little more rushed this week?  You can't? Well then, forget I even mentioned it.  Here is the link to this weeks edition of Free Shit, Good Shit.

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Here are the 3 trailers from the Super Bowl that we really dug into(and an extra new Captain America Trailer).

Amazing Spider Man 2

I feel like I've already seen this trailer.  They already showed their hand, in my opinion, and this trailer really didn't bring much new to the table

Capatain America: This Winter Soldier

Now this one we both agree really hit the spot, this should have been the first trailer that was shown.  Simple and awesome,  Enjoy!

Transformers 4: Age of Extintion

I wasn't really impressed at all with this but Bat, among many others, are all head over heels for Grimlock!  What do you think?

Before we get on with the Question of the week I bring you the Massive Eve Battle Report:

As we talked about this week, there was a HUGE battle in Eve Online this month that recieved nation news coverage.  Here is a great community article detailing the total damage and below there is some footage from the battle.

Here's the answer we received via Facebook, as well as our own  from last weeks Question of the Week with "What fictional time travel device would you choose?"  We are sorry but we lost the Facebook thread that had most all of everyone's answers so besides mine and Bat's we are just going to list the answers.

 The Space Ship   from "Flight of the Navigator"
Vortex Manipulator from "Doctor Who"

Other answers: 
TARDIS                from "Doctor Who" (we must have had 6 of these answers)
Delorean              from "Back to the Future"  (This was another popular choice)
Time Turner         from "Harry Potter" (we forgot to mention this one on the podcast)
Time Machine      from "Meet the Robinsons" 

For the next SzG Question of the Week we ask  "What is your favorite Disaster-porn movie?"  Make sure to get your answers in for us before February 21st.

Catch us next week, same Bat channel same Hammer time.


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