Monday, January 20, 2014

Episode 51: Achievements or Trophies?

We are back for another news filled week in geek with a sickly Bat and a healthy Hammer. This weeks episode we tackle the massive deluge of Comic news including a triple dose of documentary goodness, Antman getting a second Antman, the rumor mills are spinning over possible Depp casting as Dr. Strange, Baron Von Stuckers purpose in Avengers 2, possibility of dual filming Batman vs Superman and JLA and Final Fantasy Tacitcs' game creator's new project. No Last of Us spoiler talk this week dear listeners but we will make sure to have that recorded and posted soon.

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We've also included the most recent episode via the embedded link below

We mentioned The Impossible Game, dirt cheap on the PS3 during the current sale, in the podcast.  Now if you want to see someone play it and have the WORST time, well watch the video below.

Maybe a free runner isn't your style... well why not try open heart surgery!?! Man, there are so few words to describe this one, so yeah why not just watch it.  Surgeon Simulator is also featured in the IndieX Humble Bundle  

Here's the answer we received via Facebook, as well as our own  from last weeks Question of the Week with "What game of the PS1 or PS2 era do you want to see re-released on Playstation Now with Trophies?"  

Bat:                       Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 9 and Champions of Norath
Hammer:               Final Fantasy Tactics and Mega Man (I couldn't remember which one                                  but it's X4
Wonder Woman:   Gex
The Fanboy:         The Tony Hawk Series

For Next weeks SzG Question of the Week (yup we sticking with that) we propose two, count them two, questions of the week. First off  in honor of my sick Co-host "What movies do you watch when you're sick" and the Wonder Woman proposed another "What superhero do think should be on TV?"  Make sure to get your answers in for us before January 24th.

Don't forget to catch us next week, same Bat channel same Hammer time.


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