Sunday, December 8, 2013

SzG Reviews: Frozen

 Welcome and thanks for reading  our first foray into the world of written reviews,   I’m going to be borrowing the format found in our Sprecken ze Geek podcast for reviewing movies where we ditch any kind of numeric score for the simplistic "Should you see it in theaters, wait till rental or avoid it entirely".  

Hammer Says: See this in theaters!

Spoiler Free Review:   To be honest the trailer to Frozen never really set my world on fire. The Trailer just kind of seemed there and nothing stood out.

It always felt like it was much too akin to Tangled in art style and because of that I worried that the story itself would be a retread as well.

  I’m happy to announce that I was wrong, well Sven the Moose feels pretty darn like Maximus the Horse but I’m okay with that.
                            Sven                                                                     Maximus 

You quickly realize that you are in for a truly musical Disney adventure that I feel we haven’t had since Princess and the Frog.  The music is fun, catchy and keeps the story flowing.  The animation is crisp and clean and what more of what you’ve come to expect from the studio that brought you Tangled and Wreck it Ralph.   The Snow and Ice effects are particularly beautiful and it blows my mind how hard these people worked to make it look so effortless.

In Short this one gets the Hammer Seal of Approval.  I took the Wonder Woman to go see a Disney Princess movie for our date night and Frozen did not disappoint.

Click here to read a the Spoilerific Bits
There isn’t too much to spoil really on this one accept that Hans is a douche (which funny enough I didn’t see coming), Sven is adorable (I want one) and Josh Gad as Olaf is funny but don’t let the media over hype his performance for you.  On a sappy side note I really was rooting for Hans and Anna to work out so that Kristoff and Elsa could be an item.  It was that whole comment about “Ice is my life!” that really started that hope a going.  It was quickly dashed after Anna  got iced an Kristoff became her Nordic Knight in Shining armor.   Am I the only who wanted to see both sisters happy?  I’m just a sap I guess.

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