Monday, December 16, 2013

Episode 47: Learning French for a Spanish Word

This week the semi dynamic duo meet up do discuss another week in geek. Hammer once again went to the movies stag, this time conquering the film that is OldBoy, Bat speaks from the heart about the VGX. We go over the 3 big trailers that dropped this week: The Edge of Tomorrow, Jupiters Ascending and the real behemoth of them,  Godzilla.  Also we cover Battlefield 4's bug report, YouTube dropping the Banhammer, NSA playing WoW and XB Live, Borderlands getting the TaleTell treatment, Fallout 4, stupid people on ebay, a fun way to brick your Xbone and the 'reveal' of a Sinister Six and Venom movie.  We also give the surprising landslide results of last weeks topic of the week.

Here is a link incase you want to read Hammer's OldBoy Review.

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Here's the answers we received via Facebook, as well as our own  from last weeks Question of the Week with "Matrix vs Inception and why?"   I'd also like to thank everyone who took the time to write in via Facebook and any other method(that's you Josh, Tristan and Charles).  It was a blast, as well as a surprise, to hear everyones responses.  

Josh Said " Matrix! Insheeption was dumb! Couldn't even finish it!"
Chris said  "I can't choose. They've both given us so many great memes. And music! After The Matrix every action movie afterwards had to include some techno. Then, Inception happened. Now every sci-fi movie has to include those giant tubas. *Bwwaaaah*"

G said  "Matrix hands down inception comes nowhere near the mind boggling of the matrix"

Hammer chose    "Inception"

Bat chose            "Matrix"

Hammer's favorite Inception Meme

Next weeks SzG Question of the Week (we need a better name for that) is "What are your top (5 or less) Holiday movies?"  We were aiming for this Holiday season but really we left it open so list whatever you would like to list.

And  with all of that out of the way its now onto our Trailer Review.  
For this weeks edition we have 3 for your consideration

First off we have Edge of Tomorrow which has been aptly described. at least in my opinion, as Groundhog Day meets Halo.  Both Bat and I will be there for this one.

Next we have Jupiter Ascending's trailer, by the Wachowski Siblings, which really leaves both of us with very little idea of whats going on here.  That may be a good thing as it sure has a lot of glitz and glam packed into 2 mins of footage.  Bats all in and I'm in with trepidation.

The last trailer for this weeks review is Godzilla.  Even without seeing the trailer and knowing that it was from the creative team behind Pacific Rim I could tell you I was already in on this.  Bat seems like he is as well.  This trailer makes for a much more gritty version of Gojira than we have seen before and heres to hoping that it pays off.

Don't forget to catch us next week same Bat channel same Hammer time.


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