Monday, November 25, 2013

Episode 45: Free Sh*t Good Sh*t

Good Week dear listeners, please forgive the self censored title... or don't.  Either way we will continue to rant on in good oll SzG fashion.  This week we worry over the confirmed How I met your dad spin off, talk up more Batman vs Superman news, look at the possibilities for Spiderman 4 and his amazing friends, the possibility of 50 shades going NC-17. discuss the puzzling date for FFX HD's release.  This episode also sees the debut of a new segment for which this episode is named, Free Shit Good Shit, where we offer up was new and good in gaming deals.  As always we bring you what we're watching, playing and reading.

Also don't forget to send your answers to this weeks question of "what game that you love do you want to see a sequel be made and why?"

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As promised I remembered to include the videos mentioned in the podcast
And Here We Go!

First up is the Trailer for Studio Gibili's new film "The Wind Rises."  While I don't feel that the trailer really sells it to the hardcore anime audience I can tell you my ass will be in the theater for this one.  The lauded praise really feels ultra bullshit though. 

Here we have the other side of the conversation from Gravity.  You finally get to see who Juli....Sandra Bullock is talking to and with subtitles!  Be prepared for some epic spoilers and crazy M. Night like twists in this one!  Okay, I lied... so its just a guy in the snow talking to Bullock about how he likes his Doggie.  But at least we now know that.

The last thing mentioned was this infamous included test audio with WinAmp.  Am I the only one that remembers this?  Bat sure as hell doesn't but he did laugh at it.  Anyways here is your bit O nostalgia.
On a side note, I dont remember the "in every direction" part being there though.

Well that is all for today and for the next week after as we all bask in the wonders of Turkey day, gluttony and Black Friday stories. But make sure to check out or next podcast on Monday December 9th were we will surely have plenty more to talk about.


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