Monday, November 4, 2013

Episode 42: Geeks Guide to the Galaxy... this week

Sorry for the delay, I fell asleep at the keyboard and forgot to click post.  But on with this weeks podcast! We delve into the wondrous world of geeky trailers with Cap 2, Xmen Days of Future Past, 47 Ronin, Heavenly Sword and more.  We also bring you a wondrous helping of geeky nuggets o' news along with what we have been watching, playing and reading.

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I Owe you all a few trailers which I will post later on today.  Thanks for your assumed patience

And for our first Official Trailer Review we have 4 for your considderation
And Here We Go!

First off is 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves.  Looks pretty fun with a helping of fantasy and action.
Count us in

Number 2 on the list is Xmen: Days of Future Past.  Seriously who isn't in this movie? It looks the be a hell of a cast mash-up of Past and Present (meant to be read as a bad pun).  Though Bat is confused by the lack of Sentinels I am all for this streamlined and story driven trailer.  Count us in again

3rd on the list is the Cap 2 trailer.  Both Bat and I have expressed how unimpressed we were with this trailer.  Which is sad honestly, because it had been one of my most anticipated Phase 2 movies.  I don't think the movie is doomed, haha and the Marvel Puns keep rolling, but I think they can definitly take a few notes from the Xmen DoFP trailer and give us a more streamlined trailer.  Tell us what/who Cap is fighting, yes i know Winter Soldier but I don't think they sold it enough.  Count us out for the trailer

Last in this weeks Trailer Round-up is the Heavenly Sword Movie.  To be honest I feel really underwhelmed with this trailer for a game that was put out in 2007.  The trailer itself looks dated enough.  But beyond that, why put out a movie instead of another game?  Maybe this is their way of trying to get interest revved up?  I count my self out for this one.

So that is our first edition of the Official Trailer Round-up  (OTR has a nice ring to it).  Hopefully you enjoyed because I think we will be doing it a bit more often.

And that's all folks, catch us next week same Bat channel same Hammer time.


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