Monday, September 30, 2013

Episode 38: Bat and Hammer Does Don Jon

Guess what dear listeners we got out and saw a movie! It feels like forever but your somewhat dynamic-duo are happy to bring you both Spoiler-free and Spoiler-ific reviews of Don Jon.  Before you ask, yes Scarlet is attractive... and no you don't see any naked bits.  Funny enough those were the top two most talked about parts of the movie.  But if you want to know if we enjoyed the Don and his Jon listen in.  We also bring a heaping helping of nerd news regarding a temp price drop for the 360, the Xbone game truck, Steambox OS, new crop of DC TV series as well as China lifting its 13 year ban on foreign consoles and stream services.
**Spoiler-Rific Review starts at 58:05**

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For those of us that are wanting to try and get our hands on some Xbone goodness, be sure to check out the Xbox One Truck schedule and see when its coming to a location near you.

I also mentioned the SteamBox Beta entry site which you can find right HERE. So check to see if you are eligible and if you happen to get one give us a heads up so we can poke and prod you with questions.

And that's all folks, catch us next week same Bat channel same Hammer time.


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