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Full Disclosure Part 1 (with pictures!)

    Good Evening and welcome to Hammer's first official post on the blog, not directly related to a podcast podcast blurb that is.  But before we get into that I just wanted to say hi everyone, it's a pleasure to finally get to meet you and for all of those long time friends... well its a pleasure to meet you again.

    I'll be taking a week off to visit the land of LOST, that's Hawaii kiddos, for a friends wedding starting this next week. But don't worry (did you really worry?) as your regularly scheduled podcast will continue as normal with this Monday's episode posting at 5 a.m. 8/5.  We've also put together another little podcast ditty for you that will be live the following week 8/12 in place of your normal SzG fix.  Hope you guys enjoy it, and if you don't... well I guess i never thought of that.

    But onto other news!  As promised I finally posted all my photos from SDCC2013 and I have provided a public link to the album on my Facebook profile for all to enjoy.  It's a wopping 705 pictures, which actually feels small in comparison to how many times i pressed down on that button.
But that's enough of that.  On with the show!


    Hi my name is Brian, or the Hammer of BatandHammer,  and I don't think I've introduced myself and being as I want to challenge myself or my first post.  So I figure why the hell not do the hardest and simplest  thing I know of... an introduction. Now really think about it kiddies how often are you put on the spot to try and explain yourself to others?  I'm not counting "hi my name is Brian, it's a pleasure to meet you."  No I'm talk about full on sit yourself down with someone, could be new/old/whatever, and just talk about who you are and what you are about.  Yes this is a sort of work shop-ish practice and yes this does have a reason to be on this blog. What I'd like to do is introduce myself to you, the reader, whether you be completely new to me & the podcast/blog or a friend I've known for some time. I'm gonna give you a few insights into what helped form the geek before you, and as I tend to ramble it might take a few more posts to get it all out... but here goes nothing

    First I all I like a lot of things...hell don't we all? I'm going to warn you that I unabashedly love ellipses...they're awesome. And yes I do over use them...and probably not correctly but that's just something you'll have I learn to live with. I imagine that the ellipses ( that's the ... Btw) is the written equivalent  of a poignant pause to emphasize what you just said while performing a quick shifty look to the right and the left just to make sure everyone is on board... Alright I'm going to stop with that for now and move on with what I was saying 

    So I like a lot of geeky stuff and the list can really be never ending but ill boil it down a bit as to not bug you too much. But a little exposition first, what's does geek mean to me? I believe geeking is basically an avid love of something, not fanatic but it could verge close to that.  With my definition in place that means that can be a sports/car/video game/comic/movie/music/blah blah blah kind of geek. Love what you love and have fun while doing it as it truly " all geek to me."

    What makes me a geek? Surely you have noticed by now grammar and composition are part of that but I can promise you that I am seriously trying to work on that. But I digress... I'd say it comes down to my love of video games/movies/comics/cartoons/anime. 

    Cartoons were my first love and if it wasn't animated it didn't exist to me when I was younger.  Though I must admit I dislike most anything Hanna Barbera as well as Scooby Doo.  Hey it's my geek and I'll sport it the way that I want to. So what did I enjoy?  It ranged from Captain Planet to Exo-squad

...yes there was stuff before that but I honestly can't remember right now.  Mainly I was addicted to fantasy/heroes/space style stuff.  

    Then there was the day I watched my first two anime(with in a few days of each other) Robotech & Sailor Moon.

Both of which are still at the tips of my list and started addictions to two of my favorite genres: Magical Girl and Mecha.  In fact I need an anime that encompasses  the two of these perfectly and I'll just watch it on replay while humming catchy themes and building Gundam models and have a good oll day.
Seriously who doesn't love these things? though I haven't figured out what to do with my built ones

From here my love for the medium grew exponentially and with it me and my friend Terry explored whole new worlds of geekdom including our first animefests at the now-long-gone Atomic Comics. Watching Saturday mornings on Scifi(not this SyFy bullshite) for whatever hidden gem they'd show our eager eyes like Galaxy Express 999, Green Legend Ran and Beautiful Dreamer.


  All of those I "own" in some way or another.  Hell I remember the first day  and episode I saw Pokemon (it was the episode that James buys a Magicarp which he abuses to the point it evolves into a Gyarados ) that and the immediate phone call to Terry to tune to the channel right away because anime was on tv!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who remembered this little surprise before it was well known

    Now I haven't been able to keep up on everything anime, as I have no idea how one could other than to dedicate every waking moment to pursing that fools errand. I have fallen in and out of the "scene" quite often due to time/ money constraints but I'm always on the lookout for something fun and just now trying to jump back in with two anime. Something old-ish being Black Lagoon an something new-ish being Sword Art Online.
  Heck, I'm even going to foray back into cartoons with Adventure Time.  And you better believe ill be bringing my opinions when it comes time to "review/recommend" these.  I hope that these will all fit nicely into my geeky cache of things I enjoy.

    I think I'm going to make this geeky exposé of sorts into a 3 parter.  For both my sanity and to prevent fatigue (of the thumb sort for myself as I'm writing this on my iPhone and the reader sort because i tend to blather on). Please feel free to post any responses of geeky memories of your own as I do so love stories and who doesn't love to share?

So hopefully you will join me next time for Full Disclosure Part 2: the "..." Returns

Brian A.K.K. Hammer 
You can catch our podcast ever Monday morning @ 5 a.m.

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