Monday, August 5, 2013

Episode 30: Websense #5 with The Web

It's that time of the month listeners! We have the Web join Bat and Hammer to dish out another edition of "Web Sense" to fill you minds with comic goodness.  We discuss a possible new SzG segment in the form of BatandHammer's Predictions where we call em as we see them in the world of Geek and let time be the judge. Along the way we get lost among our wonderful blatherings about Xbone Accessory price confirmations, Flash TV series/spot on Arrow, the Chromecast, Bioshock Infinite DLC, as well as some talks about the future of Bluray. 

This Weeks Predictions
Bat: Batman will be the 'hero' character of Superman/Batman movie, with Sups taking a lot of heat from the Massive Damage inflicted on Metropolis.

Hammer: Flash movie will be a "buddy cop" type movie co-staring (and relaunching) the Green Lantern.

The Web: The Present turns on the O'll Boyscout Superman and seeks for ways to control take him down and in this process he seeks the help of Lex Luthor.

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**Web sense starts at 42mins** 

The Web's Comic Sense ...totally should be read with "pigs in space" from the Muppets in mind
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This week's Suggestions include:
  •  Marvel's Superior Spiderman
  •  Image's Sidekick
  • IDW's Thumbprint
  • DC's Trinity War Crossover as well as the upcoming Villains Month
For those looking for some Wolverine Action with the recently released movie The Web Recommends reading Wolverine Origin( the 6 issue series back in 2002).

This week we are also given some teasers of what is coming down the pipe line with Dark Horse's new renditions of Tomb Raider, Terminator and Halo.  With writers like Gail Simone heading up Tomb Raider(this name alone should get you excited about Lara's new adventures) and J.Michael Straczynski taking on Terminator (you should know by now Hammer's love for this man) it's easy to see why these two books are getting the Websense tingling.  Also with Dark Horse loosing  Star Wars, Halo may just be their new space fairing Saga to get the awesome treatment.  All in all I can say im excited about all three of these books.

Lastly, as always we want to take a little space and time to let you know of some awesome events happening at DrawntoComics this month.

Aug 17th: Marat Michaels has a Signing from Noon-6pm

Aug 21st:  Every 3rd Wednesday is Comic Book Club held from 6-9pm.  Each month a new comic topic 
is chosen and discussed.  This month it is Sin City's the Yellow Bastard so Come on and join the

Well I think that's a decent enough of a post to get ya going for the week.  I myself will retire for the day to read some more Aquaman (and the Throne of Atlantis crossover) as well as the book that's had a weirdly large stake in my mind lately, The Spirit and Rocketeer crossover from IDW.  Have a Great  week everyone and happy reading!


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