Monday, June 17, 2013

Episode 24: Superman is a dick

Greetings everyone... also sorry because you are in for a marathon of SzG goodness.  But really if you want to blame anyone you should all blame this week.  We take on Man of Steel and E3 and you know when I say it like that it really doesn't seem like our podcast should have lasted 2 hours... but it did.  Along for the ride we have the Fanboy join in on the fun. This is also our trial run of our new format for reviews.  We provide you with our spoiler free review as well as our spoilerific review of Man of Steel at 1:38. You also witness the comeback of the Bat and Hammer Low Down of what we're watching, playing and geeking about. 
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I've also included the most recent episode via the embedded link below

Now what follows is a list of most of the videos we referenced this week

  • Starting off the list is the initial teaser of Man of Steel in case you somehow missed it  
  • Here is a little comic glimpse of how you trade games with PS4

  • Now here is a pretty good quick glimpse of the PS4 conference
    • on the flipside luckily this isn't what xbox conference was about

  • Now here is a pretty good quick glimpse of the PS4 conference

    • Lastly here are each of our gaming moments of E3 starting off with Bat's pic

    • Here was my personal choice
    • Rounding off our tops this was the Fanboy's pick

    and just to finish this off we have a rare sighting of the Blue Bomber in Smash Bros!

    What were some of your favorite highlights from E3? feel free to post and share them with the rest of us.

    Well that is all for now but don't forget to join us next week same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


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