Monday, May 27, 2013

Episode 21: PCC 2012 with Chris Gore and Cody Gidley

For this week's podcast we come to you straight from Bat and Hammer's not so secret Hyatt room (psst it was 1201) during Phoenix Comic-Con 2013!  For our very special "drinking age" show we had special guests Chris Gore and Cody Gidley stop by to join in for some fun ramblings and Con stories. We discuss Con loves and dislikes, Podcasting tips and we berate Bat about his horrible on-air etiquette.
Don't forget to also follow and listen to   Chris Gore's podcast called PodCRASH! which is updated Monday's just like us! (except for this week)
Speaking of regular updates I did want to apologize for the technical problem with Bat's audio from 15:22-15:45 where he sounds off mic.  It took a little finagling but the rest was able to be fixed up so  listen and enjoy.

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I've also included the most recent episode via the embedded link below

Join us next week same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.

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