Sunday, May 12, 2013

Episode 19: It's Still Downloading...

Greetings listeners! It's that time of the week where our everyday heroes have chance to speak geek.  It's been a rough and busy week for Bat and Hammer but they take advantage of this respite to grab a breather and discuss worlds events before Summer continues its onslaught of blockbuster movie mayhem!  We recount Free Comic Book Day experiences, Talk of PSN woes (hence the title... our thoughts are with you Aaron), Iron Man 3 negative feedback and movie Trailer debuts. As always the team also brings you what they are watching, playing and geeking.

Click here to listen to this weeks podcast in iTunes or Sticher (by searching Batandhammer or Spreken ze Geek) 

Also here is the video interview that Bat was mentioning.

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