Saturday, April 27, 2013

Episode 17: 42... not the prequel to Movie 43

Greetings listeners and welcome to this weeks' extra long week in geek.  Your everyday heroes battle with the ever present enemy, time.  Yet all is not in vain as they have fought to bring more geek news and movie reviews.  This week the Bat and Hammer travel back in time to witness the story of Jackie Robinson and his triumphant rise.  This week we also bring you a deluge of geek news with the announcement of the new Xbox event, discuss dismal WiiU stats, more Marvel news as well as plenty of tidbits and tangents.  So open up and grab a listen.

Click here to listen to this weeks podcast in iTunes or Sticher (by searching Batandhammer or Spreken ze Geek) or the below player 

Also incase you were wondering about the movie I mentioned, here is the trailer for Ruby Sparks.

That's about all folks.  Join next week same Hammer time, same Bat channel.


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