Saturday, April 20, 2013

Episode 16: Oblivion

Greetings listeners!  This week our fair feathered friends find themselves once again taking up the mantle and rushing off to the theater!  What stories of the future do they glimpse from their time with Oblivion?  And how will they use their awe inspiring powers to rate this shiny (Hammer's word not mine) movie?  Open up and listen in to find out!  This week we also discuss preference of teaser vs story trailers, Pixar's sequelitis and what we are watching, playing and reading.

The episode will be live tomorrow morning after 5am via iTunes and Sticher which have links to the right. As well as you can always find it on our streaming site below.
Click here to listen to this weeks Podcast

As promised if you haven't seen it we offer you this wonderful little ditty.

That's about all folks.  Join next week same Hammer time, same Bat channel.


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