Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sprecken Ze Geek Episode 12: For Whom the Doorbell Rings

Welcome back True Believers to this, another week in geek.  We kinda have to play catch up being that it has been a solid 2 weeks since we really just blathered on about stuff... and stuff.  We heard a lot of positives about last weeks Podcast with Ken and look forward to doing it again. Heck we even introduced a few new people to a local comic shop.  Spreading the love that's our goal.  Also we'd like to thank the random old lady for ringing the doorbell and giving us the title of this weeks podcast, we were having a collective brain fart.

As you may have noticed the "Comic Sense" is still under construction, blame it on me and my tangent ridden life. But it will be updated soon, including my view on End Times with Bram and Ben next week.

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This week I flew solo-ish and saw Olympus has Fallen with a few friends.  Now I remember seeing the trailer of this movie right before Die Hard 5 and thinking "I can't believe they are already promoting Die Hard 6."  Well I'll start this off pretty simple, this movie is far better than Die Hard 5. I sorely wish this was the next die hard, with just a few character swaps: Willis for Buttler and have Winstead has his daughter instead of Mitchell as the girlfriend, retool the back story a bit. Not to say that the movie is without it's flaws, because it has a few.  Such as weird choices by the characters/military that require a "suspension of disbelief" (thanks Bat).  I mean really snowy/ice covered road + President = sure why not lets drive over this dangerous bridge instead of flying in a safe helicopter?

I have more but why wallow on that when you can just sit back and realize its a movie and enjoy the explosions.  I'd say for those that enjoy big blockbuster movies give this one a shot.  I think this movie is best described as "Air Force One" where the secrete agent is the bad ass one.  Have fun pull up some pop corn and watch the chaos... also count the American flags, because there are a ton.

Thats all for this edition.  Don't forget to tune in next week same Hammer time, same Bat channel.


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