Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sprecken Ze Geek Episode 11: Ken "The Web" Brown

We are back, and in a big way!  We are joined on this podcast by the awesome Ken Brown, owner and operator of the fantastic Drawn to Comics.  Along with being super informative about all things comics he is a really funny guy that we think you should know more about.  So true believer why not grab a seat and listen in on the origin story of his alter ego "The Web" and enjoy!

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 On a couple of other notes you may have noticed we are still in the process of transitioning from the old Podomatic site that we used to use to the new site.  As of now most of the moving and shaking has been completed with Podomatic being completely taken down and all of your favorite episodes (that's all of them right?) now available on Spreckenzegeek.  The only two things we are still waiting on are iTunes and Sticher but those should be following soon.

I have gone through all of the old blog posts and replaced the old links with the gaudy one above as well as changed the side bar links to your right.  Again the iTunes is still down but we will be sure to post every where once they are up and running again.  So that means if you aren't already following us you can get all of your BandH news on Facebook and Twitter.

Last new thing... promise!  We are going to start up a segment featuring "The Web's" comic suggestions on what we should be reading.  Now a few names flew around like "Ken take my money!" and "Ken's Corner" but we have settled on "The Web's Comic Sense."  You know... spider sense... but about comics... it makes sense ::ha:: dang it! So without further adiue we present this weeks

The Web's Comic Sense ...totally should be read with "pigs in space" from the Muppets in mind
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Marvel:  Right now Marvel is renumbering many of their issues under the "Marvel NOW" moniker.  The main goal of this is to gain (or regain) more readership by having issues start back at #1.  Now the continuity is still their but most all of these books have fresh story lines that are easier to pick up and run with.  The two that recommend this week were All New X-men and Uncanny X-men.


DC: Actually started the "renumbering" idea with their "New 52" comic line.  Though unlike Marvel NOW the continuity has been retooled on some of the characters.  Again this is a great place to start off at.  Plus many will either have Trade Paper Back Collections already out or out soon.  Though we didn't specifically reference just one Batman comic, as they are all pretty darn good, the one we are leading with this time is Batman & Robin.


Image: Is a great place to look for some comics outside the Marvel and DC super hero-verse.  You'll find many interesting stories written and drawn by some fantastic people here too.  The 3 recommend this week were SEX , The End Times of Bram and Ben and The Walking Dead .


Oni Press:  I honestly don't know too much about this publisher besides that they put out Scott Pilgrim and that really is all i need to know.  But Ken recommended Helheim for those looking for a Viking fun sort of tale.


Lastly Ken had a recommend comic to IGNORE ...  or really a comic that he wished hadn't arrived.  But it is here and really I have no idea what to say about this more than it's the Situation

That's about all folks.  Join us next week same Hammer time, same Bat channel.


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