Monday, March 4, 2013

Sprecken ze Geek Episode 10: Double Digits!

This week brings exciting and trepidatious news finds our comic duo out of space. What ever shall they do? In the top secret Mattcave our heroes have formulated a plan to host their website. With their trusty credit card, and beautiful webmistress, they have purchased their own web domain for hosting, but the nefarious random iTunes villain has foiled their plans to make this transition easy. How will our heroes fair?

Ok so to make that post a little easier to read, we have purchased our own hosting site, however we cannot just change the RSS feed on iTunes. What this means to you, our loyal audience, is that we are removing the current version of Sprecken Ze Geek from iTunes are resubmitting the hosting site. This weeks show also has a message to let you know about the transition. We ask that you please resubscribe to the new post when we have it up and running. We are going to leave the current podcast up until Wednesday and then start the transition period after that. Please bear with us while we make this not so easy transition. As always we enjoy and comments or feedback. Like every good super hero we will return in Sprecken Ze Geek 2: The Quest for More Money

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