Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sprecken ze Geek Episode 7: Geekery

Yet another week has past and the time for another Podcast-able weekend! 

Starting this week we are going to try and keep our schedule for posting both the Blog and the Podcast at about the same time Sunday nights.  Mainly its been a slacking on my part for posting here but my hope is to have both hit right about the same time to enhance your experience.  Thats what we call Synergy!

Click here to listen to this weeks Podcast

Anyways onto the news of this week and what we referenced:
  • Angry Diablo Rage Guy :  beware this video is almost painful to watch (in my opinion, Bat on the other hand loves it) but hey whats the internet for if not to make you feel better about yourself.  This guy does it.   
    • If you want some more I actually recomend this one if only for the Hulk smash moment (linked here incase you dont wana wade thourgh it all) 
    • He also was in one of the super bowl commercials this year carrying a rockband guitar, but alas I couldnt find a link to it.  If you find it by all means share away.
  • My personal recomendation is for everyone who likes puzzle like arthouse games (think portal but with paint) to go ahead and purchase/play Unfinished Swan. Its a story book of discovery and fun, with different puzzles at every corner.  Finding the path to the next area or the solution to each problem is at the heart of this unique puzzle game.  At the very least play the demo, and that alone should either win you or loose you... hopefully win.
    • Heres a very candid teaser.

    • though its a movie I can attest that this pretty accurately describes what you are getting into, though there is pleanty more waiting for you beyond what you see.  If you need a more indepth review check out IGN's Review.  Be warned it may spoil some of the surprises.
  • Also because I giggle everytime I hear it, I present you with the Wilhelm Scream: a compilation :)

Alright there our fair listeners and readers we hope you had a good week and keep the comments coming and dont be afraid to post some if you have ideas or thoughts.  We love hearing them and we try to incorporate your suggestions as much as possible.

Catch us same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


**Edit 2/10**
So as you may have noticed the blog went live yesterday. So maybe my whole "Our scheduled update date is Sunday evenings" thing will be changed to the more ambigious "some time during the weekend" time frame.  But definitly we will be updating them together from now on... Promise.

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