Monday, February 4, 2013

Spreken ze Geek: Episode 6 Warmbodies

Another week of your favorite everyday super hero duo ranting and raving about everything geek. This week we review Warmbodies, be prepared for the akwardness of a blind date that you never thought possible! Plus more exciting news about the podcast and some special shoutouts!  You'll notice that yet again Bat forgot to poke fun with the wonderfull use of Trepadatious!  Come on man thats twice in a row.  I'm not going to be able to make fun of myself... at least that effectively.  Make sure to tweet Bat @taruskippy to remind him to not fall behind.

Click here to listen to this weeks Podcast

For what we referenced this week:
  • If you haven't seen it yet I highly recomend the wonderfully wierd Iron Sky.

  • We also talked about the impending Feb 20th "Future of Playstation" announcement.  This will link you to IGN's article that also has the teaser trailer for the press event.  Expect us to come at you with all we get from it...whatever that might be

Lastly Click here to read this weeks spoilers

Not really a spoiler but it was brought up by our friend Matt, that many see this as a reimagining of sorts
 of good 'oll Romeo and Juliet.  Get it R= Romeo & Julie=Juliet; two people from different worlds falling in love.  I see it more as a homage , definitly taking its nods here and there as noted above.  But this is as far from a tragedy as you could get and lends itself more to a odd Romantic Comedy more than anything. 
Bat Ofcourse sticks with his comparison of the story being more akin to King Kong.  Hilarious but damn if it isn't true.

Personally I still have yet to come up with one myself...  I know theres something up there but alas poor Yorick has stolen all thoughts for the moment. 

And that Kiddos is all for this week. Look for us next week Same Hammer Time, Same Bat Channel.

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