Monday, February 25, 2013

Sprecken ze Geek Episode 9: Cosplay with the Ladies

Another week has gone by and this time our daring heroes are joined by their faithful sidekicks WonderWoman and The Lovely Lady to discuss Costuming and the PS4 announcement.

Would you like to see more guests? Tell us what you'd like to hear and we will incorporate it!

Also, sadly this week there was a reading of Go the Fuck to Sleep by Gollum, but it did not record. We are working on making a video and will record the audio again. What would you like to hear Gollum do next? Send us an email, comment or tweet and let us know.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sprecken ze Geek Episode 8: A Good Day to Die...

New podcast is up and ready to be absorbed! This week we review A Good Day to Die Hard, plus cover some Star Wars news. Bat even does a horrible Gollum impression!

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Edit @ 2/18/13

So as you can see I fell short of my own goal of getting this out along with the Podcast but Monday is better than Wednesday so yeah... Well if anything I'm happy with my own progress. 

Not too much to say this week besides we are always looking for your input and ideas on things we can do to improve the Podcast as well as our reach.  Both Bat and I are just trying to make sure that we done get stuck in a rutt and never improve so please send us feed back.

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We both had some cameos that we expected in the movie but neither of them came to fruition. 

For myself I was really behind the rumor that Patrick Stewart was going to come on as the surprise Villian and have him be the father of Hans & Simon Gruber (Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons from Die Hard 1 and 3).   The idea of them keeping that silly story line alive through a family vengance trope was a fun idea in my opinion.  I was pretty sad to see the "twist" they ended up going with as it pretty much left me feeling like i was watching a failed M. Night movie, but with more action.

Bat on the other hand was looking forward to an appearance by Justin Long.  It would have made sense with Mary Elizabeth Winstead being in the opening.  Hell it would have even made sense for him to be the "Computer Guy" trope.  Might have made sense of how Bruce Willis got away which the massive levels of destruction that he inflicted.

It kinda felt that our ideas would have had more of a home in this movie than the ones that actually did.

Wait for DVD/Bluray for this one ladies and gentelmen

Thats all for this edition.  Don't forget to tune in next week same Hammer time, same Bat channel.


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sprecken ze Geek Episode 7: Geekery

Yet another week has past and the time for another Podcast-able weekend! 

Starting this week we are going to try and keep our schedule for posting both the Blog and the Podcast at about the same time Sunday nights.  Mainly its been a slacking on my part for posting here but my hope is to have both hit right about the same time to enhance your experience.  Thats what we call Synergy!

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Anyways onto the news of this week and what we referenced:
  • Angry Diablo Rage Guy :  beware this video is almost painful to watch (in my opinion, Bat on the other hand loves it) but hey whats the internet for if not to make you feel better about yourself.  This guy does it.   
    • If you want some more I actually recomend this one if only for the Hulk smash moment (linked here incase you dont wana wade thourgh it all) 
    • He also was in one of the super bowl commercials this year carrying a rockband guitar, but alas I couldnt find a link to it.  If you find it by all means share away.
  • My personal recomendation is for everyone who likes puzzle like arthouse games (think portal but with paint) to go ahead and purchase/play Unfinished Swan. Its a story book of discovery and fun, with different puzzles at every corner.  Finding the path to the next area or the solution to each problem is at the heart of this unique puzzle game.  At the very least play the demo, and that alone should either win you or loose you... hopefully win.
    • Heres a very candid teaser.

    • though its a movie I can attest that this pretty accurately describes what you are getting into, though there is pleanty more waiting for you beyond what you see.  If you need a more indepth review check out IGN's Review.  Be warned it may spoil some of the surprises.
  • Also because I giggle everytime I hear it, I present you with the Wilhelm Scream: a compilation :)

Alright there our fair listeners and readers we hope you had a good week and keep the comments coming and dont be afraid to post some if you have ideas or thoughts.  We love hearing them and we try to incorporate your suggestions as much as possible.

Catch us same Hammer Time, same Bat Channel.


**Edit 2/10**
So as you may have noticed the blog went live yesterday. So maybe my whole "Our scheduled update date is Sunday evenings" thing will be changed to the more ambigious "some time during the weekend" time frame.  But definitly we will be updating them together from now on... Promise.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Spreken ze Geek: Episode 6 Warmbodies

Another week of your favorite everyday super hero duo ranting and raving about everything geek. This week we review Warmbodies, be prepared for the akwardness of a blind date that you never thought possible! Plus more exciting news about the podcast and some special shoutouts!  You'll notice that yet again Bat forgot to poke fun with the wonderfull use of Trepadatious!  Come on man thats twice in a row.  I'm not going to be able to make fun of myself... at least that effectively.  Make sure to tweet Bat @taruskippy to remind him to not fall behind.

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For what we referenced this week:
  • If you haven't seen it yet I highly recomend the wonderfully wierd Iron Sky.

  • We also talked about the impending Feb 20th "Future of Playstation" announcement.  This will link you to IGN's article that also has the teaser trailer for the press event.  Expect us to come at you with all we get from it...whatever that might be

Lastly Click here to read this weeks spoilers

Not really a spoiler but it was brought up by our friend Matt, that many see this as a reimagining of sorts
 of good 'oll Romeo and Juliet.  Get it R= Romeo & Julie=Juliet; two people from different worlds falling in love.  I see it more as a homage , definitly taking its nods here and there as noted above.  But this is as far from a tragedy as you could get and lends itself more to a odd Romantic Comedy more than anything. 
Bat Ofcourse sticks with his comparison of the story being more akin to King Kong.  Hilarious but damn if it isn't true.

Personally I still have yet to come up with one myself...  I know theres something up there but alas poor Yorick has stolen all thoughts for the moment. 

And that Kiddos is all for this week. Look for us next week Same Hammer Time, Same Bat Channel.