Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spreken ze Geek: Episode 5 Movie 43

Well, well, well... Movie 43.  Alas we had such high expectations for you.

We were both trepidatious as the lackluster trailers rolled by and this one man's "laughter" (brought to you by Tom Hanks) echoed in the theater. But man o' man this movie is something else.  In short its bad, so bad that even I a lover of bad movies, cannot recommend anybody to pay to see this movie.  Unless you want to see a train wreck, even then go watch Unstoppable.

Though the kids in machines part was cool, just a little too long.

For what we referenced this week:
  • The Super Hero show on Hulu is called Misfits. I'm going watch the first episode and get back to you all on what I think.
  • Gameinformer has a pretty good spread on THQ Sale
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