Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sprecken Ze Geek Episode 3: Long Winded

This week our heroes battle the enemy of "not seening a movie" with the power of "talking about stuff!" How will they fair? You get to be the judge.

While we are still banging out our format a bit we took this week to speak our minds and hit a few topics that have been on our minds regarding the end of the PS2, CES, reflecting on favorite movie moments of 2013, and tangents... lovely lovely tangents.

 As always you can find us on iTunes under either " Batandhammer " or " Spreken ze Geek " or you can find it hosted on podomatic at

Click here to listen to this weeks Podcast

Also check out Movie #43's redband trailer for hilarity

And dont forget to tweet me what about what movie you dont want me to see @krennnkalis on twitter. The choices are A Haunted House or Scary Movie 5

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