Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spreken ze Geek Episode 2: Jack Reacheraround

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In terms of where we thought the ending was going me and Bat had some very different ideas

Bat's thought was that he thought while "the Prisoner" was talking that Helen, Rosamund Pike's character, was going to be revealed as the master mind behind the whole thing a la M Night style twist.

My Thought was that there was going to be some reveal that "the Prisoner" was heading a massive terrorist take over plot... in the vein of Red Dawn.  It was talks about "roads that have no use" that made me think they are laying the seeds that these were the roads needed if one were to invade America.

As you can see this is why we were both equally dismayed that it really ended it all the bad guys shot and any loose ends brushed to the wayside as if they had to wrap up too soon.

Also the Catalina refference was in the Bar right before fight you hear "Jump Around" and all we could think of is Catalins lovely dancing.

Thats all Folks see you next week!


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