Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spreken ze Geek: Episode 5 Movie 43

Well, well, well... Movie 43.  Alas we had such high expectations for you.

We were both trepidatious as the lackluster trailers rolled by and this one man's "laughter" (brought to you by Tom Hanks) echoed in the theater. But man o' man this movie is something else.  In short its bad, so bad that even I a lover of bad movies, cannot recommend anybody to pay to see this movie.  Unless you want to see a train wreck, even then go watch Unstoppable.

Though the kids in machines part was cool, just a little too long.

For what we referenced this week:
  • The Super Hero show on Hulu is called Misfits. I'm going watch the first episode and get back to you all on what I think.
  • Gameinformer has a pretty good spread on THQ Sale
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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Spreken ze Geek: Episode 4 Zero Dark Thirty

Here's this weeks show, which includes a review of Zero Dark Thirty

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Edit 1/27/13

Sorry Guys and Gals I completely spaced on the blog last week and luckily Bat stepped up so there was an update about our newest episode.

But I had a few things that I meant to address about this weeks podcast.

Lastly Click here to read this weeks spoilers
Osama Bin Laden dies... yup.  Mind=Blown

And that my friends is all for this week


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sprecken Ze Geek Episode 3: Long Winded

This week our heroes battle the enemy of "not seening a movie" with the power of "talking about stuff!" How will they fair? You get to be the judge.

While we are still banging out our format a bit we took this week to speak our minds and hit a few topics that have been on our minds regarding the end of the PS2, CES, reflecting on favorite movie moments of 2013, and tangents... lovely lovely tangents.

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Also check out Movie #43's redband trailer for hilarity

And dont forget to tweet me what about what movie you dont want me to see @krennnkalis on twitter. The choices are A Haunted House or Scary Movie 5

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Spreken ze Geek Episode 2: Jack Reacheraround

Fresh New Episode is up!

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In terms of where we thought the ending was going me and Bat had some very different ideas

Bat's thought was that he thought while "the Prisoner" was talking that Helen, Rosamund Pike's character, was going to be revealed as the master mind behind the whole thing a la M Night style twist.

My Thought was that there was going to be some reveal that "the Prisoner" was heading a massive terrorist take over plot... in the vein of Red Dawn.  It was talks about "roads that have no use" that made me think they are laying the seeds that these were the roads needed if one were to invade America.

As you can see this is why we were both equally dismayed that it really ended it all the bad guys shot and any loose ends brushed to the wayside as if they had to wrap up too soon.

Also the Catalina refference was in the Bar right before fight you hear "Jump Around" and all we could think of is Catalins lovely dancing.

Thats all Folks see you next week!


Friday, January 4, 2013

Sprecken Ze Geek Episode 1: An Unexpected Podcast

Hi everyone, I'm doing a bit of house cleaning on the Blog and realized we never actually posted a link to Sprecken Ze Geek Episode 1: An Unexpected Podcast .

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Currently we are running everything through Podomatic but you can also see us on iTunes and soon Sticher.

Also as I stated before we're going to try and post the things that we deem SPOILER on Spreken ze Geek here.  This is my first attempt at Doing the hidden text so be kind but by all means if you have suggestions please do post them.

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The 4 'villians' that Hammer was reffereing to were: Smogg, The White Orc, The Necromancer, and The Goblin King. 

- hammer

Thursday, January 3, 2013